Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cherry blossom nails

I shan’t lie, this is something I stole off Mini. She posted a photo on Instagram and I decided to put my own spin on them… personally I’m not sure they really worked, but people complimented them anyway so I’m happy. And here’s how to do them yourself.


·         Pastel Pink, or mint also works well (I used Pastel pink Nail Varnish is Hot Looks Collection 2000 in 46 Candyfloss)
·         Black nail art pen or black polish with tooth pick
·         White nail art pen or white polish with tooth pick
·         Burgundy nail varnish with a tooth pick (I used Midnight Passion from H&M cosmetics)

1.       Gather all of the nail equipment. This is key- obviously.
2.       Paint your nails with a base coat and then use a pastel colour over your whole nail.
3.    Use the black varnish and draw a couple of lines on each finger so they become ‘sweeping branches’. - a sharp ended toothpick will get the branches thinner.
4.       Now for the white blossom… If you don’t have a nail art pen, use a toothpick. I like to cut the sharp tip off of the tooth pick so you have a small flat surface. Dot the white around the black branches, making the blossoms.
5.       Use the burgundy colour and another flat ended toothpick to add the burgundy to the centre of the white blossoms. Wait quite a while for all the varnish to dry and then paint over a top coat.

Top Tip from Mini:

"In my opinion, the thinner the branches and the more flowers there are, the better the overall effect. Add flowers in clusters and make them out of a few dots to get an obvious flower shape."


melly-go-round said...

awww they are so lovely :) I'm not very co-ordinated, but I really want to have a go x

a bird`s daily life said...

This is so beautiful!
I think I could never do this,but it just looks so cute!


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