Saturday, 5 January 2013

One pound a pop jewellery

WHERE FROM? Covent Garden Jubilee Market

HOW MUCH? I got all of this for six quid.

Jubilee Market is dedicated on a Monday to selling antiques. There are stalls set up with lines of jewellery selling pieces for usually around £20. However, there are also stalls (usually run by men who aren't bothered with what's on their stall) which has piles of jewellery threaded through each other, and they sell at about £1 a piece. It's so worth it though. Have you seen these treasures? If you like costume jewellery this market is the place to be!
Sometimes a chain needs to be replaced, or a clasp fixed, but it's truly the best bargain you can find in London. Plus, sometimes you pick up a replacement chain at the stall and the stall owner doesn't even charge you for it. They want to get it sold, and to them it's crap. Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure. But, we are ladies and we're much better at finding such treasure.


Victoria Jane. said...

The mix of colours are stunning!

Rachel Black said...

I think this blog idea is wonderful! Love this post!

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New follower.



lifeasart said...

Wow..really awesome finds!!! Nothing is better than something beautiful AND inexpensive!

Kate Lees said...

Lovely finds, so stunning x

Hannah Roberts said...

These are all so gorgeous!! Never been to London to shop - I really want to know!! Lovely blog! :) xx

Belle Culkin said...

London is full of many wonderful opportunities to shop, from Oxford street to Carnaby street to Covent Garden, there's a place for every style and a place for every budget.
Thank you! xx

a bird`s daily life said...

Wow beautiful treasures!I love the necklace on the last picture!


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