Friday, 1 February 2013

Candy stripes and rose blossom nails

After seeing the dramatic responses to our other 'how to' guides I decided I'd do another one. All my nails have broken recently so I've had to file them down really short. Purely by chance I was playing around with some nail polish and did myself this quirky little set which are perfect for spring when it finally shoves a stick of dynamite up its butt and gets here. There are lots of pastels in the shops for spring so continuing this trend to your nails is easy and a subtle way to introduce a bit of colour to your grey days.

1.       Apply the base coat and leave to dry before painting nails in the alternate pastel colours. I chose peach and minty green which work well but other colours could include baby blue and pale yellow or pink. This design works best with pastel bases.
2.       On your ring finger and first finger on both hands paint 3 stripes using the art pen; one down the centre of the nail and one either side. This can be done with a toothpick. The easiest way is to put a little of the colour you're using on a piece of paper and then dip the end of the toothpick in that. I've also used bobby pins and they give the same effect but toothpicks are cheaper and can be chucked afterwards.
3.       On the remaining fingers paint blobs of the red paint. You can use the brush in the paint and it's about the right size. I did 2 on each fingernail and 3 on each thumb nail but this may vary depending how large your nails are.
4.       When the blobs are dry use your nail art pen or toothpick to add detail. Draw 'c' shapes around the outside of the blob, leaving gaps between them and then dots and 'c's inside the blob. I've come to the conclusion the smaller and messier they are, the better they look so that's great for all is un-ampidextrous people here.
5.       When dry, cover with a top coat and you're ready!

·         M&S own brand peach colour
·         'JadeStone' by Models Own

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