Sunday, 17 March 2013

Easing into the monochrome and neon trend


Well, I believe I might be undergoing a conversion. I've finally found things in my wardrobe which might actually be 'on trend', so yes I might actually start becoming an avid wearer of the trends...while this lasts anyway. I'm dying for a pair of black and white striped skinny jeans, but I'll just have to make do with the peter pan dresses and white shirts I have in wardrobe until I finally buy some. Oh well, doesn't it just happen that I'm wearing some right up there? 

I have to tell you about Monki and Bexy Lady! I've only visited them once but I shall be going back again. They're hidden in the depths of the fabulous Carnaby Street (one of those places London forgets) but I think Bexy Lady has another store in Whiteleys now. Monki is like a blend of Topshop and Urban Outfitters with the simplicity of H&M. Bexy Lady prides itself on being a vintage inspired store with a twist. Do have a look at their site!

Now, that outfit. It's abiding by my rule of opposites. Glitzy and regal clutch paired against heeled hiking boots. Black and white dress topped with a neon belt. It abides by me and by trends (well, sort of). It's abiding by the monochrome trend and neon trend running about these days. I wore this when I was out with the London-bred ladies as it happens and felt fabulous. I only wish that I'll meet lads my age who appreciate a good Peter Pan collar dress and chiffon shirt, who aren't friends of Dorothy *sigh*


a bird`s daily life said...

This dress is just adorable!Love it!


melly-go-round said...

Such a pretty dress :) x

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