Thursday, 24 October 2013

Make me Poison Ivy

Who doesn’t love Halloween? You get to have fun while being all dressed up! However, where I find people lack in their costumes is on the makeup... Why do you put in so much effort into your costume when your face still looks the same as always? At least use different colours and brushes to go a little ‘out there’- it is Halloween after all. Remember to just have fun with it, and use whatever you have handy.

  1. I started with foundation (Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in '103 True Ivory'), concealer and powder as you should always do. If you are going to be out for a long time at a party or trick-or-treating, then do wear a primer under your make up and this will keep it from wearing off throughout the night.
  2. For my eyes I started with e.l.f. Eyelid Primer which is a god send for those of you who struggle with oily eyelids. Put some of this all over your eyes and right up to your brow bone.
  3. As Poison Ivy is known for being green these are the colours I stuck to. Using my colour unlimited palette (I think everyone should have some sort of colour palette in their make-up stash in order to give themselves any Halloween look they want) I stuck to the greens (and a dash of gold) and made my way from the lightest to the darkest.
  4. Remember: Blending is very import so you don’t end up looking like a blotchy paint job so that is why there are so many brushes in the photo!
  5. Lastly on the eyes I added a small amount of white to highlight the brow bone and blend the colour underneath my eyes to the rest of my skin. And I also added a touch of neon green to the inner corner (from my small Ingot palette – which I didn’t realise was such a good brand when I bought it). A swish of mascara and green eyeliner all-round the eyes and they were done
  6. On my cheeks I went with a dark red-ish colour, I usually go for a pink but as Poison Ivy’s hair is red so I wanted to incorporate that.
  7. Also I incorporated red on the lips with my Natural Collection lipstick and M.U.A. lip liner. After looking at my lips though I felt they needed something more, so, I swirled my lip brush into the gold eyeshadow and pushed some onto the centre of the lips. Rubbing them together blended it in and I really loved them after that.
  8. And last, but by no means least, I took my green eyeliner (N.Y.C.) and I drew on a few swirls to the side of my face to look a little like Ivy vines. I then dabbed over the green with gold eyeshadow and my final look was completed!

I really do love this make up and toned down a little (loose the gold lips, ivy vines and over huge eyeshadow) it would also make a lovely day-to-day makeup as well! Don’t be scared to experiment with Halloween makeup. I would always say practise at least once before the day of your party so you know what you are going to do on the day, in case you end up in a rush.

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